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Ok. So.  Rant time.

I set out for a few laughs in my boredom because, whatthehell, right?  These two assholes right here just wrecked my fun (which I could live with, OK, whatever), but they did it in such a way designed to make spy-me feel stupid for whatever my beliefs are, regardless of the fact that this was a fandom reference, and I’m not actually religious.  My point, though, was that THEY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME AND STILL MADE IT THEIR MISSION TO BE DOUCHEBAGS.

Now, if you follow me, you probably don’t subscribe to this kind of asinine behavior, and for that I love you.  However, it pisses me off when this kind of crap happens.  I don’t personally believe in a god, or heaven, but does that mean that I need to go flipping my middle finger to every church I fucking pass and- by extension- every church-goer that takes part in a service?

I guess what I’d really like to say is FUCK YOU STRANGERS.

This has been a rant.


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